Daily Mini Sculpture Project

This page chronicles my daily mini sculpture project from 2012. I haven't continued this project, but I have chosen to keep the page accessible.

Starting in March 2012, I decided to give myself a daily challenge. In the spring I start to get antsy for being in my studio, making clay work, which is what I do during the summer when I am not teaching. I'm not supposed to make my work in the school studio alongside the students, so I wanted to give myself a way to get into the studio (just a bit) every day.

I decided to make one of these small pieces everyday.


So I have been making one piece (almost) every day since.  I recently had my work featured on Noah Scalin's blog, Make Something 365.

Finding the posts quickly is getting a little cumbersome, so I've put all the posts and some of the images together here for easy reference.