Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daily Mini Sculpture Project: New Camera

Here are the latest additions to the mini sculpture project. I believe I am above 60 pieces. Who is going to glaze all these? Maybe my next project will be "daily mini glazing"

This guy has some pen tips and some flower stamps (barely visible because they were pressed lightly into drier clay).

Today's inspiration hint was "student." I have a couple of students who are making work with dragons. One made a dragon relief sculpture on the side of her thrown pot, the other is turning the spout of her teapot into a dragon's mouth. I started by planning to have a dragon on the side of this mini sculpture but apparently I got distracted and it turned into an ROUS mixed with a stegosaurus.

Donut additions with all three textures courtesy of a mini screwdriver my husband left out. The inspiration hint was to use materials nearby.
screwdriver texture again

One I am certainly not happy with. The inspiration hint was to make something inspired by Stephen Robison, but I think I was in a bad mood.

Robison teapot

I had a rough week. I was feeling crummy this weekend. I think I either skipped or misplaced a piece or two. Luckilly today was beautiful and I was able to get all the Department of Visual Arts Student and Faculty Exhibition paperwork and inventory done today. I feel much better. My husband got me a tiny camera for mother's day. It is nice and portable but it might not be the official recording device for the rest of this project. Results below:

Make something inspired by breakfast. Yum

I worked with sloppy wet clay while my daughter played on the swing in back. This one was fast but, ironically, much better than the one above, though it took less time.

Back to the old camera (iPhone) for a round up of storage/drying area. Soon I will need to clean my studio or fire some work at least I feel like I've done something with my spring. I'm also looking forward to using those new sprigs next to the ROUS.

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