Quick links for Clay Classes

Links that might be useful for my clay students.

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Class Technique Videos:



Looking at Bowls


Making Sprigs

Making a Texture Roller & a Stamp

Here's what it should look like when you pull the walls up (he demonstrates on a glass tube and with a cut-away view.

ART 203 /ART 205: Altering thrown work off the wheel (throwing and hand-building techniques combined)

Wheel Throwing Techniques shared by ART 150 Students

Throwing with unusual ribs (I'd never seen this type of rib before)

Throwing a Large Salad bowl (with slip decoration on the wheel)

Making a Darted and Textured Pitcher (altering thrown work on the wheel)

Throwing a Pottery Easter Egg (skip to 1:40 after he puts his bat back on the wheel)

Throwing a Candlestick (this one might be tougher than it looks for beginners)

Throwing a Plate with Some Moves

Coil & Pinch Techniques shared by ART 150 Students

You can always skip ahead if a video starts out too simple. 

Neil Patterson's Coil Vase  (using a template to control the shape)

Pretty Organic forms from Simple and Complex Pinch Pots (close-up view of the basics we discussed in class)

Bridges Pottery Ceramic Slab and Coil Vessel Demonstration (draping a slab over a bowl for the base)

Crazy Coil Pot (use fairly wet clay for the braids and bends)

How to Handbuild Pinch and Coil Method (close-up view of the basics we discussed in class)

Pinched Pitchers

Creative Problem Ideas shared by ART 150 Students

John Cheer (artist, glass, wheel throwing and hand-building)

Alexandra Engelfriet's working method

Grayson Perry (Tate Shots) talking about his work and his studio

Marge Margulies: Throwing the Wave throwing demonstration (could be applied to coils too)

Pamela Mei Yee Leung

Websites  / Articles
Kari Radasch (page on Ceramic Arts Daily) (her blog) (storytelling)

Matt Chambers (acceleration/ speed) and another

Fleur Schell (storytelling)

Rick Rudd (functional sculpture)

Tiburcio Soteno (storytelling)

Inspiration and Other Clay Related Information:

Ceramic Arts Daily subscribe to this site (free) for access to articles, videos and freebies (you can also "like" this page on Facebook for updates in your feed.

Pottery Making Info this website has a lot of information about potters and links to pottery websites

Tales of a Red Clay Rambler pottery blog

Shino Exhibition at Schaller Gallery in Michigan

Some of my pictures from the Push Play exhibit at the Bellevue Arts Museum. 2012

Sculpties like selfies but with clay

Hand-building Links:

Musical Instruments made of Clay This page has a variety of links, I haven't tested them all.
Ocarina (whistle) demonstration pictures This is the same demo as in the Mud to Music book.

Making an Udu drum video and written directions with pictures

Ocarina Video Instructions (not a live video but lots of info) This is a different technique than I showed in class

Technical Articles

Clay and Clay Body Terms (via Ceramic Arts Daily)

Destruction! a fun link, not directly related to clay class

Measuring Shrinkage (via my main blog)

Past Events at YVCC Clay:

Raku Firing & Clay Sale (Fall 2012)

Raku Firing (Spring 2012)

Techniques I use in my own work:

My Forming Process

Making Whistles (at Davis Fall 2011)

My Underglaze Layering Technique

Videos of Underglaze Layering Technique