Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movies Galore

This is what I did over my "Spring Break."


Throwing a Bowl

Finishing a Bowl (rib & chamois)

Trimming a Bowl

Bowl Examples

I made quite a few other new videos as well. I'll link to them eventually but I wanted to get this set of bowl videos up on the blog this week since my beginning pottery class may wish to view them this week.

Making the videos was an interesting project. It was a little too large for the time I had allowed, but it is nice to have it done. I threw about 10 bowls, a teapot, a couple mugs, a couple plates and a vase or two, but the throwing didn't take up my time, the camera did.

I learned quite a bit about making videos, maybe you can see it in the difference from the earliest videos to the latest (or maybe it won't show up yet). My new camera was very useful, as my old camera didn't seem to allow me to to take long enough videos.

I also got a new tripod before this project which allowed me greater control over the placement of my camera (the old tripod slowly sunk down if I positioned it too high.

I spent this weekend uploading videos, since each one needs to be uploaded from the camera, put into iMovie (at least that's how I did it) and then cut and labeled and uploaded to YouTube. I mostly just cut the start and end of each video so that it didn't show me reaching for the camera (at least not much). I wasn't able to watch every video through as I uploaded it--it would take too long but it was also annoying to do everything two or three times (do it, review it on the camera, review it on the computer, etc). I vaguely remember sneezing during one of the early videos, but I couldn't find it when I was editing (I was going to cut the sneeze section). Maybe some nice viewer will clue me in to when the sneeze happened (or maybe that video didn't make the cut).

So, enjoy the videos and let me know if you have any requests or suggestions for future videos.

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