Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Mini Sculpture Project: Recap & Found Tools Edition

I've been working on this mini-sculpture project for a couple weeks now. I haven't missed a day (yet) and I've even done a few extra pieces. I haven't had any epiphanies but I wasn't planning to assess the quality of the work until I was farther along.

So far I have done ~18 pieces.

Click here for my first post on the Daily Mini Sculpture project, explaining the project and showing my first piece.

The next post covered the next 2 pieces (plus a re-showing of the first one).

The third post included five new pieces.


Five more pieces in the next post.


New Stuff:

And finally today I am showing 5 new pieces and three extra mini pieces. I can't remember if its been 4 or 5 days.

This first one was a free day--no inspiration hint.

The inspiration hint for today was "tool" which probably meant use a tool in a new way. At least that's how I interpreted it. I used my favorite paddle tool to create the crossing lines all around and then paddled a dried cherry into the wet clay to create the other smaller texture mark.

So this one must have been a free day. The base of the pitcher plant has a rattle. I'm pretty sure I forgot to put an air hole in the rattle or a hanging hole in the back of this object. I was thinking of making it a little more threatening than usual with the spikes on the rim.

I believe this was a bonus piece. I used a flosser as my tool for texture. I paddled it in sideways on the big one and endways on the little one.

Random bonus piece with edge of paddle texture and found plastic thing pressed in for decoration.

Yesterday's inspiration was "car" which I took to mean I should make a little guy who will roll. Once he's fired his wobbly wheels will glue onto a dowel (hopefully) and he will roll--badly.

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