Tuesday, March 13, 2012

80 Days of Clay Project Progress

This weekend I commenced a new project, to make a small clay object everyday. I plan to continue this project through the spring and up until my summer in the studio begins.

my inspiration ideas, folded and ready for random selection

Day 1: Open project
I began the project Saturday. I didn't select an inspiration hint or "assignment." I went into my studio and saw a sprouting bulb and liked the shape, so decided to work from this.
my first inspiration
I worked with my daughter in the studio, trying not to stop what I was doing every few seconds to help her. I worked with two pinch pots to make a hollow form. I didn't have my good paddle at home, so I used a wooden stick which left markings on the side of the piece. I kept the markings and accentuated them. Then my husband stole the wooden stick to clean goop out of the drain, so I will not be using this particular tool again. My finished clay piece resembled the original bulb. My daughter's clay piece resembled a hammered pancake.
my first piece
Day 2: Beth Cavener Stichter
For my inspiration assignment, I pulled out a page that instructed me to make a piece inspired by another artist, Beth Cavener Stichter. She is one of my favorite artists, though my work is not at all similar to hers. I didn't have a plan ahead of time, but thought about it during the day before I went into the studio. In Art Appreciation, I often show a picture of one of her rabbits that is hanging from the wall by a metal collar around its neck. I decided to recreate a rabbit. I thought the ears would be interested.
my second project (just before being interrupted)
I'm disappointed by my rabbit. I was too literal in my interpretation of my inspiration. Today I wish I just used an abstract form with ear-like shapes added on. Instead I have a chocolate bunny without the chocolate. I decided to texture the rabbits surface like my own sculpture instead of like Beth's. But after an hour and a half working, my daughter woke up from her nap and I decided to "finish" since one of the rules I set out for this project was to finish the work in one sitting.

the second project "completed"

Day 3: Monday
Today was another inspiration-less day. I liked the wart-y look of one of the last additions on Saturday's piece, so I decided to make more of these decorations today. I only spent 18 minutes on this piece that uses the texture from a paddled string bag (from cheese) and looks kindof like a moon with prominent craters.

third project (Monday)

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