Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daily Mini Sculpture Project: Half-way home

When I originally outlined my plans for this daily project, I planned to make work starting in the last week of winter quarter, continuing through spring break and the 10 weeks of spring quarter and then finals. After that date, I would be free to work all day in my home studio (ooo! I can't wait!). Planning for a few missed days, I would have completed 80 pieces by early June.
I counted yesterday and I am at 40 pieces (plus a few odds and ends), so I guess that means I'm halfway to summer!

Here are my latest additions.

 The inspiration hint for this day was to make something underwater. This is, therefore, a fish. Sort of a cartoon fish with anatomy like a disney fish.

I made a similar piece that is actually a set of two pieces that fit together face to face, concealing a fount object inside. I have been thinking of several things, rock-like objects that can be lifted up, revealing some other material underneath, objects that snap shut together somehow in the center (though I have no idea what the connecting apparatus would be), and sets that relate a clay impression to the non-clay impressed material. 

 The idea in these two objects (and the two previous) is far from worked out at this point, really more of a sketch or a trial.

Today's hint: something from your favorite movie. (Actually, it might have just said "movie" but I picked my favorite). This is a flux capacitor, of course.

No hint today, just sticking mechanical pencils in clay.

Today's hint: was to use clay in a way you have never done before. So this is clay straight out of the slake bucket, unwedged, unscored, unpaddled. Will it fall apart? I'm not sure.

I must have missed a day or gotten out of order because I think I made this piece the same day. I know I made it from clay I took out of the slake bucket (though I hand wedged and paddled it first). The inspiration hint was "sustainability" I have plans to someday use recycled paper for surface texture/decoration, but at the moment making something minimal allowed me to sustain through the week and go to bed early because I was exhausted.

And the end of the week, just making stuff. 

Actually, the entire week is a blur. I had some issues with a student that made things a little difficult, I was tired all week and I was starting to run out of clay last night. I am working on an intimidating project that isn't for school (at least not exactly) and I'm feeling really ready for a break and the end of the quarter. Can I just sleep and read and eat ice cream for a week straight after the quarter ends?

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