Thursday, April 12, 2012

Daily Mini Sculpture Project: Katsup Edition

I have about 4 posts partially written but apparently I can't find the time to finish them. Being gone two weeks in a row sure messes with a schedule.

The weather has been nice and I've been spending time with my family outside preparing the garden, pulling weeds and watching my husband pull apart our fence (he wants to repair and replace parts of it).

But I did get my daily mini sculpture pieces done (that's something).

This piece was one I made while waiting for my daughter to take her bath. I used some of the underglaze she had spilled a few days ago.

Today's hint was to make something with an ethereal material like bubbles or smoke. I had already chosen my medium, so I decided to make  something the represented bubbles.

This set of two pieces fit together. Inside is a small metal item we found when I was walking to the park with my daughter.

Today's inspiration hint was "eye." I was thinking of the very basic symbols of an eye, an almond or oval shape, a bulging eyeball and exaggerated lashes.

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  1. I love these little sculptures. I call mine do-dads!


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