Wednesday, October 31, 2012

SRAM Project is Online

The SRAM pART Project is now online.
You can see my work directly here or you can look at all the work here or you can read about me here.

Of course you have been to the internet before yourself, so you can navigate within the SRAM page.

I wrote more about the work but I can't find it on the website. Here is my statement about the work:

Bikes act as supports and enhancements for human travel, economics and health. When considering the incorporation of the bike parts into my sculpture, I thought about the biological, structural and decorative functions these mechanical objects might have as prostheses or supports for my otherworldly “organic” forms. Working with these materials was an interesting challenge; I had to account for shrinkage and changes in the clay between the wet working stage and the hard fired stage. To further emphasize the relationship between the clay and the bike parts, I created molds from some of the smallest bike parts. The clay impressions from these molds create texture on the surface of the support form. The texture mimics the shape of the bike parts in this other material.

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