Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ag Meets Art Progress

Making "Art" out of Apple Bins
Last weekend I got a bit more work done on my piece for the Ag Meets Art fundraiser for Larson Gallery. I also got sick and missed class, so I didn't get much done. I had already covered my board with mulberry paper and I had thrown the pieces during the summer. I glazed and fired the pieces during the first week of classes. Last weekend I just attached the main parts during a brief period of energy in the midst of a very tired and crummy weekend.

board on a messy floor with thrown flower forms supported on thrown mechanical parts
the central flower and mechanical part set is raised on a SRAM bike part from my summer project
the black pieces were also based on SRAM bike parts

I think the piece needs more than just the five red thrown sets but I haven't entirely decided what that something more should be. My daughter volunteered her help while I was sick and I allowed her design to sit in place during the remainder of the week. Just this evening I played around with a few new arrangements of basically the same parts I was thinking of including when she got involved. 

my daughter's plan includes parts tossed into the red flower forms
I like the idea of a clay "stamen" inside the flower but not so much the random parts inside too
maybe a bunch of color all around the base is good
I could put other parts inside the "flowers" so the interior level is hidden or obscured  

I could leave that interior space entirely open
maybe I should cluster the extra parts a little more closely together
ah, forget the bike parts, fake gears are the way to go
fake gears and random springs
limited color palette

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