Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ag Meets Art: finished piece

I finished my "Ag Meets Art" apple bin artwork. The piece hangs, or will do once it has some wire attached to the back. I've actually been cramming this project in edgewise to my week. Monday morning I epoxied the remainder of the pieces onto the board in between boot camp at 5:30 and getting my daughter up at 7. I attached the hooks yesterday evening in between meetings because I couldn't find the right size drill bit in the morning before school. This morning I woke up early to finish the edges and the backing. I worked for 40 minutes before I had to get ready for work and finished and took pictures this evening after I got back from picking up my work in Tieton.

I decided to go with the smaller parts I had considered, so most of the metal pieces are discarded airplane parts, plus some faux gears from a jewelry kit. The colored pieces are mostly clay pieces done for my summer bike parts project, including the black supports and the black, red and yellow SRAM part sprigs. The red tube and the green support are SRAM bike parts leftover from the bike parts projects.

Finishing the "Ag Meets Art" project interrupted making my daughter's halloween costume. Luckily she and I had cleaned the "arts" table so I had room to work today in the house.

Also this weekend we found a scary big spider on the window screen. We think it got knocked inside and onto the screen during the operation of moving the window air conditioner unit into the house for the winter. Regardless, it was huge and scary and my daughter's bedtime was postponed an hour because we were all too creeped out to go to bed. The round part on the back is about the size of a quarter.

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