Monday, September 17, 2012

Finished (sort of) with bike part project

I am officially "finished" with my SRAM bike pART project. I took slides digital-images-for professional-use this morning and I think I can start packing one piece today and ship it off tomorrow. However, only the one piece was actually done this morning when I took slides, I epoxied supports for the other two (back up pieces) today. 

First SRAM Sculpture
The first SRAM pART project piece will probably be the one I send (I haven't quite decided, actually). This one was done this morning. I took some images without the base, but the red piece ends up touching the table or ground and I this isn't what I imagined.

I will show it with the base because the piece is more sturdy on the base. I am mostly happy with the piece. Now that it is attached, the highest part reminds me of a beanie cap with a propellor. The pieces sticking out were meant to resemble stamen on a flower petal, though the scale is unusual. 

The piece has 4 black bike parts on the base, 8 red, yellow and black pieces decorating the lowest part of the form, 1 metal bike part as support for the red sprigged piece in the back and 4 blue and silver gears along the stem of that red sprigged piece. There are 4 round hollow bike parts on the low red attachment and 1 white bike part which is the attachment for the red part. Inside the flower petal are 2 bike parts with 1 green one supporting the red and chartreuse piece that comes out of the flower and 3 bike part "stamen" at the top for a grand total of 28 bike parts and 4 separate ceramic parts.

Second (Gear) SRAM Sculpture
I photographed this piece without a base at first. I might consider showing the piece like this if I don't send it in to the SRAM pART Project. It only has 8 bike parts incorporated (four at the top, three gears and a "support" for the pod at the bottom.  The surface is also decorated with sprigs made from small SRAM gears.

If I send the piece to the SRAM pART Project, I will add the base to increase the quantity of bike parts. The base as pictured below has 11 bike parts, though I have since added 2 more and will add another 1 after my epoxy has set. There are 2 cranks on either side of the base, and 6 bike parts make up sets with two bike parts and one green clay cap each around the base. The center includes a green bike part and five metal supports, four of which are cut from 2 SRAM bike parts. The other came from my husband's parts stash and is, I believe, a fuel line.

I took this picture this morning before the whole thing was epoxied. I was a little scared stacking it together before it was all attached and stable. It feels very tall when I stack the pieces together, though it is only about 20" total. I am considering shipping this piece to the SRAM pART Project.

Last, Largest SRAM Sculpture
As of this morning, I hadn't quite decided what to do with the supports. I took a couple images with the pieces merely balanced. I did worry that I would bump my table and send the whole piece to the ground. As it was, I did knock into one of the recently epoxied pieces and snapped it, but I have since re-epoxied and replaced the piece. My biggest project today was cutting down the black support on the right and angling the base of the red support in back. Assuming my epoxy dries well, I will take "real" images of this piece tomorrow.

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