Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Recent Studio Pictures

Not much time to write a post this week, so this one is just some random stuff from my studio.

Applying fresh underglaze layer over fired underglaze.
grey underglaze over the stippled surface behind the blue sprigs (some of the grey bled over onto the blue sprigs)

blue and red underglaze has already been fired

wiping away grey underglaze from blue sprigs and partially wiping from stippled background to highlight texture

ready for next firing or next glaze layer

Wheel Modification
I had some trimming to do last week but the trimming scraps kept flying around the studio. I'd already vacuumed so I set up this large piece of cardboard to catch the trimming scraps and keep them in the splash pan.

It's hard to take a video of something that is essentially blocked from view. Also someone filled up my camera card with tons of pictures of a motorcycle.

Last Wet Clay Day in the Studio
I tested out some more bike parts for the base of one of my sculptures. Looks a little busy, eh?

base for a SRAM bike part sculpture: this one

Speaking of busy, these guys are meant to be end caps for some of the bike part sculptures. I finished them Friday and they are in the kiln today. The surfaces are bunches of sprigs.
sprigs from seashells on small hemispheres
Yakima got a new piece of art downtown by Jimmy John's. I like it.

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