Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Week of Classes

The good news is that this week I added about 25% to the large sculptures I finished this summer. The bad news is I finished one. I fired it this weekend and had to take slides in the middle of the week after class. I usually take slides early in the morning when the sun is rising, but the sun is rising after I go to school now, so I had to wait until sunset.

I guess I'm pleased with the piece, though I wish I had done something surprising in the interior. You can't see from this angle, but it is just the interior of the sculpture, visible until the sculpture bends and you can't see down anymore. I may still consider some alterations.

I have a few more pieces around the studio that are at some level of finished. I hope to get them fired during the school year but I'll need to sneak in time to do so. So far meetings and class preparation has essentially exhausted all my work time and my daughter's activities, cooking dinner and cleaning enough to keep the house habitable have managed to fill almost all my excess time this week.

sculpture still needs another layer of underglaze and over glaze before firing

whistle from...maybe January

I finished up some of my mini-sculpture or one piece a day project from the past spring. I have decided not to continue this project during the fall. Instead I have a rather extensive list of things I need to get done in the studio, like glazing most of the mini-sculptures, that I will break up into smaller bites. I will still try to set aside studio time every day or most days. So far this week I spent time in the studio on the weekend and Wednesday evening.

mini-sculpture project

I've also got a few odds and ends around the studio, parts of projects that I planned to or still plan to finish. I have a show next January (2014) for which I want to make 100 small forms. I could do them during the summer but I am hoping to make some progress during the year. I started them this past summer. 

leftover SRAM project clay pieces

I plan to make 100 of these guys

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