Thursday, June 12, 2014

Raku Firing Spring 2014

YVCC clay held a raku firing at the end of May. I didn't bring a camera, but luckily some students did. I just got these pictures the other day from a student who was helping out that day (thanks Zori). 

We fired during an evening class. I don't usually teach in the evening, but it was nice to fire during class time instead of on the weekend. All of my students were invited to participate. Several advanced students were in charge of loading and unloading the kiln. Beginners got involved too, throwing paper into

The firing was pretty efficient so we were able to get everything or almost everything fired during the class. While some students were taking hot work out of the kiln, others were in charge of covering the work with shredded paper and a few people were bringing work over to load the kiln so we could start it up again before it lost heat. 

We were also firing a smoke firing in a barrel which, unfortunately, was loaded with pine needles. The needles smoked a lot and the wind was such that the smoke mostly blew directly into my eyes. 

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