Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Art Fest Next Saturday

Have you been worrying about what to do next weekend? Unsure whether Yakima can offer you the sort of entertainment and culture you were hoping to experience this summer? Never fear, Rachel's got you covered. On Friday you will be attending the opening reception for the Member's Arts and Crafts Show at Larson Gallery. 

The show features work made by Larson Gallery Guild members. Since the show is open to all members, without a juror, the show sometimes has more experimental work than the Central Washington Artists' Exhibition in the fall. The Guild also features some of the most talented and well-known artists in the area as its members, so the work should be of high quality. (I had a sneak peek in the gallery last week when I dropped off my work and there's at least one work that I want in my house now--it's made of wood and you can probably guess which it is when you see the show.)

As my students know, I always encourage attendance with the promise of food; some of my favorite meatball and pastry cooks will have their creations on display at the food table during the reception, right next to works of art in paint, fiber, ceramic, wood, photo and mixed media. Did I mention we have wine? This is the Yakima Valley, after all.

The next day, Saturday, after you have recovered from the excitement of the Member's show, the thrills continue at June Art Fest, an all day event at Chalet Place Mall. All day you can see artwork by current and former YVCC art faculty, advanced level students and some of the best Yakima area artists and craftspeople. There will also be music, food concessions at Wray's and easy access to books and coffee. I think we've got all the basic needs covered in one location (basic needs, of course being art, books, food and caffeine).

I'll be at both events. Saturday I'll be there all day long at the booth I share with Mike Hiler. You can also see work by recently retired YVCC faculty Bob Fisher and his wife, Carol Hassen. My current and former students Jane Fassel and Mike Hiler and other big names include (but are not limited to) John Barany, Delma Tayer, Duane Heilman and Penn Shelton. 

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