Friday, June 20, 2014

A few things started

Today was tedious writing-stuff day, so I have almost nothing to show for my day's labor except a backache. Oh, you can't see that either, can you? I spent most of the day drafting an essay for an application. I worked for hours on a 2-page essay then discovered, partway into uploading files, that the application essay was limited to 350 words. Thanks for telling us that in the application description, folks. (Why does no one ever give the accurate length in the application description?)

best epoxy ever!

Anyway, I did some stuff yesterday in the studio. I epoxied some colorful metal pieces into the end of this old sculpture that's been waiting about 20 months to be completed. No rush.

this guy is so happy to finally be getting finished
My studio assistant recycled clay for me yesterday so I could start finishing underglazing that was left-over from last year. I had some pre-sabbatical work and some non-bike part sabbatical work that never got finished when I ran out of work time.

partially underglazed work waiting for extra layers to be applied

Most of the work is partly underglazed (oddly, autocorrect wants to change "underglazed" to "underglazes" every time) and needs to be finished. Hopefully I can get that done next week and still have time to start building new work.

almost ready for glazing

After I was done in the studio, my daughter and I painted her Daddy's motorcycle gas tank. I'm not sure if this is what he was looking for. 

my side
her side

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