Monday, July 28, 2014

Finished Work from 2013

Last summer, before my sabbatical began, I built some pieces that never got finished. I built several pea pod forms at the Mini Maker Faire in Tieton. I did the pieces as a demonstration during the event, but never finished them because I got busy with my sabbatical work. They had one layer of underglazes applied when they were still wet. I finished applying the second and third coats this summer. 

I started another, larger pod in my home studio at the start of the summer. This too was partially underglazes at the time and finished this year.

Near the start of my sabbatical last year I build a simple form with some mechanical parts epoxied into one end and gear sprigs attached to the other. This piece was finished glazing in 2013 but I epoxied the metal parts in place this summer.

Most of the work done during my sabbatical incorporated bike parts or was designed as part of a wall installation. I only had a couple pieces that neither attached to the wall nor used actual bike parts. These pieces were not a priority for firing and finishing in the fall as the working deadline and my "Biomorph" show approached.

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