Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Another Bike Wheel Base

My first throwing project of the summer was a couple of bases and a some bulbs for a second (and third, perhaps) spinning bike wheel piece. I wrote about the bulbs and the first base a while back. At the time I hadn't finished the second base. 

Th second new bike wheel base with sprigged top, attached bulbs, and stamped base texture.

I'm happier with the second base, mostly because of the sprigged decoration on the top section. I also added a couple bulbs to the sides of the base. The entire base is still perhaps a bit narrow, so I will probably have to weigh it down with some cement in the hollow base so the wide wheel doesn't topple the whole thing over.

The hole will be where the bike chain goes into the base. the smooth line around the base is the path for the chain after firing.

The chain path is also a bit more complex than on the previous bases. The chain comes out of the base from behind one of the added bulbs and snakes behind the other as it passes.

The sprigged texture took time, but I much prefer this texture to something simpler.

I also got around to learning how to remove the spokes from the wheel rim. I was happy to discover that the end of the spoke, where it gets thicker, is removable. This means I can make the holes in my bulbs fairly small and they will slide on and fit snugly.

The piece at the end of the spoke unscrews and inserts through the rim from the other side.

All the pieces are in the kiln now, but I'm waiting to fire them until after the weather cools off a bit. Today's high is supposed to be 105. I don't think I need to add to the heat in my studio.

Several bulbs drying. The small hole should be large enough to fit on the spoke after firing.

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