Monday, November 4, 2013

Last Building for Sabbatical

Last week was the last week for building and finishing shaping and surface textures for my sabbatical. I finished a couple small pieces for the wall and pieces for one large bike fork piece. 

One of the wall pieces has an imbedded bit of glass that is meant to melt out of holes in the piece during firing.

The bike fork pieces will attach to the top of a bike fork which will be supported on the bottom. There are also some inserts that go inside theses top parts.

I also finished some end caps. I should have plenty of these little guys. I feel like I spent a whole week just attaching sprigs to the end caps.

end caps

This was my last week to build but I have plenty of work to finish in the coming weeks. I will start the somewhat tedious cycle of underglazing, firing, applying a second layer of underglaze and glaze and then firing again. Hopefully I will have enough time to put all the pieces together before the end of December.

finished work stacked and waiting to be glazed

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