Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

It's been a busy Halloween season. Working in the studio I found time to make some pumpkins and skulls from some molds I already had. The skulls are slip cast (and fragile), the pumpkins come from a press mold I made myself years ago from a gourd.

A few weeks ago we had friends over to decorate skulls. We had quite a few left over, so my daughter and I painted some too. A couple of the paints glow in the dark I am looking forward to hanging them or setting them out for the trick or treaters.

The kids also made beads for necklaces out of glow in the dark Sculpey.

Of course we carved some pumpkins too. The big one has a bit of a multiple personality problem with it's Cheshire smile and Harry Potter scar.

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  1. Someone stole the pumpkins off of our porch (except for the one with toothpicks), but oddly, they didn't smash them.


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