Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Twisting Gear Form

I threw some clay parts the other day based on sketches I had done earlier in the year. The pieces are relatively simple stacks of gears, similar to a piece I built last year with gear parts.

I drew some of the sketches right side up, then changed the orientation of the others

Last year I was focused on getting the parts to fit together and incorporating enough bike parts. This year I am more able to focus on the form because I am more comfortable with the additions. (I feel like I should knock on wood about that last statement, since I haven't actually put the pieces together yet.)

last years gear stack

Incidentally, last year's piece, "Cyclical Adaptations", will be in the Central Washington Artists Exhibition at Larson Gallery next month. The CWAE opens November 2 with a reception from 3 to 5pm (though I'll be on my way to see my new nephew).

thrown parts for three forms

This year I threw enough pieces to build three of the four pieces in the sketches. The thrown pieces are mostly flexible tubes and bulbs. I measured the top and bottom openings of each piece based on the size of the gears I plan to use for the eventual sculptures.

gears and internal supports for stacked pieces

The size of the thrown pieces was about right, but I altered the angles of the pieces and their ends to create more movement in the pieces. First I roughed in the new shape, then I needed to add inserts to help connect the pieces after firing.

starting to alter the form of the sculpture

Unfortunately for blogging and picture taking, I can't balance the finished pieces of a twisting form without risking the whole thing collapsing, so after double checking opening measurements and finishing the surfaces, I had to let the pieces dry separately.

finished pieces drying

The finished piece should look similar to the form I originally drew, though the surface is different. I am still working on the other two pieces for which I threw parts.

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