Thursday, October 12, 2017

What's On Your Plate and Mug

"What's On My Plate" 2017

This summer I made and finished several pieces within a few months (as opposed to the work I started last year and finished this year). One of these is a "plate" sculpture for an upcoming invitational exhibition at Boxx Gallery in Tieton. 

Plate in Progress

The show, which opens November 4, is called "What's on Your Plate," and is a fairly broad collection of works in a variety of media all referencing eating and cooking, kitchens, dishes, and, well, plates. I took a fairly literal approach and put my sculpture on my plate.

this piece was originally intended to be attached to the plate and will now be in CWAE 2017

This piece just came together this weekend and I'm pretty pleased with the three tails of bicycle chain that are coming out the one end. The concept is similar to a piece I made a few years ago.

"Cerberus" 2014

I also made some chain mugs this summer, mostly just for my Dad, but I think I will show one of them with the plate piece. They may not be super functional (don't microwave them), but they're fun.

Chained Plate and Mug

At the last minute (sometime in September), I decided to throw a few mugs to test a new tool. It occurred to me to add an attachment for a chain handle. I'm happy with the concept, but my execution was a little sloppy. I should have left room for a pin to connect the chain to the mug, but I only left room for epoxy.

plate sculpture and the trial chain handle

"What's On Your Plate" opens Saturday, November 4, 2017 with a reception from 11-4 at Boxx Gallery on Wisconsin in Tieton, WA. A portion of the proceeds from all sales goes to Highland Food Bank. The rest goes to the artist. Boxx is open Saturdays from 11-4. The exhibition runs through November 25, so you've got just 4 Saturdays to see the show.

What's On My Plate and On My Mug

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