Thursday, September 28, 2017

Finished Sculpture, Two Years in the Making

new sculpture finished summer 2017

I finished some sculpture this summer, finally. I started on this particular piece in 2016.

the same piece in 2016

The delays for this particular piece started with needing a bigger kiln, since it wouldn't fit in the one I had at the start of 2016. I didn't get it bisqued until the end of last summer. I did all the under glazing and glaze firing early this summer. Late in the summer I repaired the crack and started attaching the bike parts.

reverse side of sculpture

The best thing about this sculpture, from my perspective, is that the blue parts attached to the bottom each spin on a bearing.The spinning parts attach to the base with different lengths of "stem." which makes for some oddly proportioned photographs when I was documenting the work. Overall I'm happier with the piece in person than in the photographs, but I think I have some that capture the sense of the piece.

awkward angle

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