Monday, February 29, 2016

Windows Alive

my bulb installation and reflections on a sunny day

Last week I started installing my work for the Windows Alive exhibition downtown in Yakima. The exhibition features a handful of local artists who display their work in empty storefronts downtown. My work is being installed in the window of the old Eddie Bauer in what used to be the Yakima Mall.

hanging up L-hooks (I forgot to bring a tool, so my hand was sore after about the 60th hook)

The space is odd, a fairly large window display space with slats on the walls. Luckily for me, the space between the wall slats matches up fairly well with the size of my bulbs. The process has been strange, too. Unlike the last window display I did in Seattle, and unlike window displays I did years ago in Wisconsin, this time I didn't know what window I would be in until I arrived to install my work. 

my window display (in progress) from across the street

Later this week I plan to bring some sculpture to add to the window display. The space is larger than I expected, so my bulb display looks small in the space. Hopefully the sculpture will help fill the space.
The exhibition opens in a couple weeks (date and time TBD) and lasts from some amount of time after that. Details to follow when I know more.

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