Friday, August 7, 2015

Bubble Fail and New Functional Work at Oak Hollow Gallery

Bubble Fail
At the end of last month I was trying to make some bubble plates using iron oxide. I though the plates looked interesting before they were fired and was hopeful the addition of a clear glaze layer would preserve the look of the bubbles.

iron oxide bubbles before firing

Unfortunately, the bubbles were almost completely obliterated during firing. A few drops of color are visible if one looks very carefully, but mostly the plates look a little dirty.

an iron oxide bubble plate after firing

The results were slightly better when the bubbles were captured on top of a layer of underglaze, but they're still fairly difficult to see. I have a few ideas of how I might be able make this process work. I could try more iron in the bubble mix, I could apply a few layers of a light underglaze under the bubbles, I could try a thinner layer of glaze or I could try other additives in the bubble mix. I might try some of these later.

iron oxide bubbles on green underglaze, slightly more visible

New Work at Oak Hollow Gallery
Last weekend I brought some new work to Oak Hollow Gallery in Yakima. 

I brought functional work and took home some small sculptures that hadn't sold. Some of the work was fired at Archie Bray, some was fired in my home kiln. 

Stop by Oak Hollow this Friday, August 7 from 4-6pm for the opening of the new show, featuring some ceramic work and some mixed media, paintings, and drawings.


  1. how disappointing the iron oxide fired out... good luck with your future experiments...

  2. Aw man! I wish I had gone to your opening.


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