Thursday, May 28, 2015

Watering Cups for Planters

The other things I built last weekend at the Gallery were some pots to put in my planters. I read about this method to keep potted plants watered correctly. I tried in in three of our planters.

Strawberry planter with watering cup inside the top opening

You're supposed to fill the planter with soil, but leave a space in the middle for a smaller terra-cotta planter. Then the plants go around the exterior. You pour the water in the small planter. The terra-cotta holds the water, but it seeps through the porous ceramic into the soil and waters the plants slowly. it seems to be working pretty well for our hanging tomato plants and our strawberries this year.

hanging planter (tomatoes) with inset watering cup

I decided to make a few extras to go in other planters and the porch box, where our flowers and basil are very sad indeed, despite regular watering. I made some small cups at the gallery and boxed them up for the drive home. The simple, small shape was easy to transport, wet, in a narrow box.

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  1. thanks for this idea... I have a planter that does not have a drainage hole.. this may solve the problem of poor drainage for the plants..


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