Sunday, May 3, 2015

Mural Project, Yakima/Morelia Sister Cities, Latin Music Festival

Monday is the Latin Music Festival at Yakima Valley Community College. For the festival, the Yakima Morelia Sister Cities organization brings in musicians from Morelia, Mexico. For the past few years, they have also brought in a visual artist from Morelia to demonstrate for or work with our students. 
the mural in the early afternoon, a lot of paint was already applied after just an hour and a half

This year the artist is Jóse Luis Soto, a mural artist who works with groups of people in Mexico and other places to paint or create mosaic murals. Soto met with some YVCC students and faculty on Wednesday, did a presentation on the history of Mexican murals on Thursday, and spent Saturday afternoon with a group of students and community members at YVCC to begin painting a mural based on a Dada poem the students had written on Wednesday.

one of many sketches used to plan the mural

The students brought in sketches of imagery based on Yakima, the sister cities relationship and the poem. The painting incorporated these sketches and other imagery that developed during the day. 

painting on the mural

There was a lot of progress made during the four hours on Saturday and students painted alongside several children who enjoyed being involved in the process. Monday the YVCC students will continue painting the mural and may even make some adjustments to some of the children's contributions.

several kids got involved in the painting process (and were happy to be included)

I came to watch the process and to report on it for my blog but our other two full-time faculty were involved in painting and photographing the mural process. The finished mural will become part of the Larson Gallery's permanent collection and may eventually be on display in the YVCC library in Grandview.

the mural at the end of the day Saturday

If you would like to see the mural in person and see the mural painting process, visit Palmer Hall on YVCC's campus Monday, May 4 starting at 9am. The painting is up now, but the painting process will begin around 9am and continue through midday.

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