Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Small Work and Good News

I haven't had much time in the studio lately but I've tried to get a bit of work done in the time I do have. Last week I was enjoying cool breezes on the unusually short beach (the lake level is higher this summer due to the deep freeze from winter) of Lake Superior with family. The weather was especially nice this year without the black flies or mosquitos harassing us daily.

I can't remember seeing the lake this still before

Despite having some further limits on my time this week, I decided to throw a bunch of forms yesterday. I wanted to replace some images for a project I am working on. I figured I'd throw a bunch of pieces and make some smaller wall-mounted forms fairly quickly.

don't worry, I think I have a better image on the other camera

Of course I often underestimate how quickly I can really crank out "simple" small pieces. I have about four more pieces in progress, but once I got around to attaching sprigs, it turned out that finishing two pieces took most of my day.

little wall hanger with a new gear sprig surface

I'm building a few small wall pieces because I just heard back from Shunpike in Seattle that I will be participating in their Storefronts projects sometime in the next year and a half. More on that later. All I know know is that I will be creating a wall installation in a storefront somewhere in Seattle. I told them I have all the work all ready, so it might be sooner than later. Though I do have plenty of wall-mounted work ready, it never hurts to make a few more pieces if they might be finished in time.

This orange sprig, on the other hand, has gotten plenty of use before.

If you can't wait to see my work until some undetermined day in Seattle, you can see my work in Tieton right away. The 10x10x10 show opened at Mighty Tieton last week. I was kayaking on the lake or eating s'mores or something, so I wasn't there. I know at least a few people have been out to see the show. It runs through October 11, 2014.

In other good show news, this week I have two meetings with galleries, one in Seattle and one in Everett. More on those later, too. Right now I have four pieces to finish and a car to pack.

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