Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gallery News

Last week I took a trip to Seattle to visit a couple of galleries. Both visits went well and I have good gallery news to report. As of last Wednesday, I have work in the shop at the Schack Art Center in Everett. The center has an art gallery with rotating exhibits and a shop with smaller work for sale year-round. In the back of the art gallery space is a glass hot shop where one can watch artists blowing glass during the day. The center also has art classes and art studios.

lidded box (now at Schack Shop)

I brought some smaller work to the gallery, including some lawn sticks, lidded ceramic boxes and pea pods. The meeting with the shop director went well and she was pleasant and easy to work with. Across the street from the center is a children's museum. My daughter's reward for her patience on the long drive and the wait while I showed my artwork and did paperwork was to spent two and a half hours playing at the museum. It was big enough to entertain her for even longer.

lawn sticks installation (several now at Schack Shop)

open pea pod with mulberry paper (now at Schack Shop)

My other good news to report doesn't actually begin until January. Starting in 2015, I will be a member of CORE gallery near Pioneer Square in Seattle. The gallery is run by a group of artists and managed by Shunkpike. The gallery is made up of 20 artists per year with most staying year to year. February through November two artists show together in the gallery each month. In December there is a group holiday show and in January a community show. Additionally, throughout the year the represented artists all keep one piece on display (for sale) in a back section of the gallery.

one of several pieces I brought to CORE (who knows what will be there starting in January)

The gallery seems organized, well lit and visible with nice walls, and it is close to quite a few other galleries including Punch, Gallery 110, Soil, Globe and Foster White. The 2015 schedule will be out in the next month or two and I will let everyone know when I will be showing. I will have something there starting in January as part of the artists' permanent display wall.

another piece I took to CORE

In the meantime, you can see my work at Tieton's 10x10x10 show with a reception this Saturday during Highland Community Days. You can always see a few of my pieces at Oak Hollow Gallery in the permanent section (my small pieces are on the shelf in the back right corner near the desk/computer).

"Aoi Cephalotini" (now in Tieton)

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