Saturday, February 8, 2014

The End of Biomorph & New Images of Individual Wall Pieces

I drove down to Pasco this Friday to take down my Biomorph show. I also took my camera so I could get some quality images in the gallery with good lighting. Unfortunately, the midday lighting in the gallery didn't translate very well to quality images of individual pieces. I guess I need to wait until the weather is nicer and go back to my old stand-by image taking method.

Regardless, I got some images of the works hung on the walls and some of them turned out okay. I also picked up a CD from the gallery director but haven't had a chance to view the images she had for me.

My outdoor image taking method doesn't work particularly well for wall mounted work. I was hoping to have images of the new work, in particular, so that I could start entering new pieces in shows.

I ran out of time to get good images taken before the end of my sabbatical. I took plenty of pictures in my studio and while building, but these images all have messy and distracting backgrounds. The Biomorph show was installed in early January, days before winter classes began so I had, literally, zero days between finishing the works and installing the show. I don't really expect weather and my work commitments to allow me to take images outside until March (after classes end), so these will have to do for now.


I might have been able to get better images in the gallery if I had spent more time adjusting (or understanding) my camera settings. As it was I was worried about taking down the show, packing up the car, and getting a record of everything before it was taken down.  I didn't realized my flash was on for some of the pictures until I was halfway through taking images.

Of course, in some pictures where I didn't use the flash, the sculptures look so dark they are hard to see. Some of the individual wall pieces have the added distraction of shadows from other pieces and from multiple light sources. As a non-photographer, I want to believe that using a tripod will eliminate all other sources of error from a photograph of my work.

Regardless of the varied quality, I now have individual images of some new pieces and of some I never took installation pictures of in the first place (even though I've shown them before).

All of the works in this post (except the very first) were part of the Kekino wall installation at Esvelt Gallery for "Biomorph" January 2014

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  1. Great post! Been looking at Ceramics a lot lately, I like your work a lot. Thanks for all the pics and info!


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