Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hashi (chopsticks) and Glazed Pieces.

Wondering what to do when small glazed pieces roll off the second shelf onto the floor of the kiln? Get your long cooking chopsticks out and pick up the escaped pieces without unloading the shelf. I always knew all that hashi practice in Japan would come in handy. 

using long toothpicks to fish out a little piece

I had to devise an angled sweeping tool out of pipe cleaners to get the one that rolled under the bottom shelf. Luckily we had a lot of leftover pipe cleaners after Larson Gallery's Santa's Workshop event.

the escaped piece, caught
Today I unloaded my first batch of glazed (as in, shiny) work. Now I get to start putting the pieces together. The glaze fired work includes the start of four pieces: a bike fork base, most of one whole stacked piece, most of one asymmetrical piece that is scaring me a bit with its lopsidedness, and a smaller piece that needs to be refired.

base for a bike fork piece

stacking piece

the asymmetrical piece that worries me

The orange pieces for this small bike part piece are being retired because I want them shiny on both sides

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