Friday, September 27, 2013

This Week: Allergies

The only thing I can remember doing in the studio this week was sneezing, but I have pictures to prove that I made some stuff, too. 
base with gear overload
This week I was working on two main pieces. The largest single piece is a base onto which I will attach a larger bicycle fork (and some other bike parts). I haven't decided whether there will be an extension below the base gear. I started building it, but haven't gotten far. 

end caps inside the start of a base piece
The top of the bicycle fork will have several pitcher plants with more varied attachments than the last batch. Somehow I didn't take pictures.

pitcher plant with an organic attachment

Besides the pitcher plants for the top, I have also built some end caps to add onto some of the bike parts that adorn the exterior of the base. (It's funny how a memory of a sound can attach itself to a physical object. In the studio I was listening to an audiobook of The Tiger's Wife while I worked. These end caps remind me of one particular part of the story.)

end cap in progress

I finished the large base and the pitcher plants and the end caps this week. I also made some bulbs for my wall installation. I did not finish the last larger piece on which I was sneezing working. This piece reminds me of Peter Clines' "14" though nothing links the two conceptually. It's just another memory of an audiobook randomly attached to a physical object that was being made while the audiobook was playing.

broken keyboard "sprigs"

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