Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Website Design Trials

I'm trying out some new website design options. Apple will no longer support iWeb, so I need to make the move soon--before something breaks and before my website looks too terribly obsolete (like, with old dates for the exhibitions--oops, too late). 

my old website-destined for obsolescence

I spent a couple evenings playing with SquareSpace to put together a website design. It appears I cannot just replicate the old iWeb website design I already have. I tried and the results were comical. So I tried a couple of their templates. They don't allow you as much flexibility as I'd like, but I think they'll do. Particularly if I stop worrying and just put the site together. 

before I discovered the color controls--my name is my maker's mark (stamp for clay)

So tell me what you like? Obviously I need some color, right?

why can't I delete my location (top line)?

Is this template more attractive? Any suggestions from you website pros?

a line of pictures is good, I guess


  1. I’ve been playing around SquareSpace as well. It looks the same as Wordpress, but I find the latter easy to maneuver. But it takes a bit of practice to get used to it, right? Anyway, if you’re going to ask me which of those designs looks best, I’d choose the first one. The color scheme is not hurtful to the eyes, which makes it readable and easy to navigate.

    Edward Kotwicki

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