Sunday, June 2, 2013

Raku Firing, June 2

All my clay classes had a raku fire today, the second firing for the continuing students this quarter. I forgot my camera, as usual, but some students took pictures and a few may eventually be on our YVCC Clay Facebook page.

Cup and glaze by Alan, photo by Timer Harrison-O'dell
The theme of the firing seemed to be new glazes and mixed glazes. Colors were bright and more varied than our basic raku glazes. The firing went okay, but not as smoothly as the advanced group firing earlier this quarter. We fired from 9 to 2:30 which was a bit exhausting, but some students brought chicken and veggies to grill during the firing so we were able to maintain our energy.

Vase and photo by Timer Harrison-O'dell
We also fired two barrel/smoke firings, one with sawdust, the other with shredded paper and wood kindling. These kilns will not be cool until Monday.

Vase by Janice Buckler, photo by Timer Harrison-O'dell

Upcoming Events
This coming week is the last week of the quarter, which means firing kilns and finishing work. We loaded a bisque, fired a cone 04 glaze kiln and loaded our cone 10 gas kiln too today. This week we will fire the gas kiln twice.

Three of my students, Grace Keller, Shannon Hoptowit and Katie Schnieder, will have their work in the Emerging Artists Show at Oak Hollow Gallery. The show goes up early this week, but the reception will be Friday from 4-6.  Please consider coming to the reception to show your support for our talented YVCC students!

I and my students also have work in the Larson Gallery Guild Membership show that opens Friday from 5-7.

On Saturday Mike Hiler and I will have a booth at June Art Fest at Chalet Place. Our booth will be between Wray's and Oak Hollow Gallery on the cement.

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