Thursday, May 2, 2013

Busy Art Week for Yakima / Ellensburg

Javier Lopez Ortiz
This evening was the opening for Javier Lopez Ortiz's exhibition at Allied Arts in Yakima. Lopez Ortiz is visiting Yakima from our sister city, Morelia, in Mexico. The artist works with water color and smoke, making quite a varied range of brightly colored and more subdued works. My favorites tend to be those which are more ambiguous. The show isn't up long, just through May 18. I highly recommend you try to get there to see it while it is in town.

For those who are interested, it appears Allied Arts is hosting a watercolor workshop with the artist while he is here. On Monday YVCC students will be able to participate in workshops or demonstrations with the artist. Monday is also a busy day on campus because the Latin Music Festival will be taking place on campus that day.

Alfredo Arreguin
Tomorrow (Friday) the the First Friday opening reception for Gallery One's Alfredo Arreguin exhibition, "Primevera." Saturday Arreguin will be participating in the Dia de la Familia activities in the gallery. I plan to drive up to Ellensburg to see the show on Saturday and bring my daughter.

YVCC DoVA Exhibition
Tuesday night from 5-7pm Larson Gallery hosts the YVCC Department of Visual Arts Student and Faculty Exhibition. We selected most of the award winners today. There are more than 10 (I can't remember exactly how many) cash awards for student work and, of course, many of the works are for sale. The awards will be announced during the reception Tuesday evening. The show continues through June 1.

YVCC Clay Sale
Thursday at 11:30 is the YVCC Clay Sale, featuring work by students and faculty. Much of the work is functional and it's all priced to sell. We have done several extra firings and a series of glaze tests in the last quarter, meaning there should be plenty of brand new work for this sale. We are hoping to fire one last load on Tuesday so it will be fresh out of the kiln for the sale.

Picasso at the Lapin Agile
And, finally, though I'm not sure when I am going to fit it in, the Warehouse Theatre Company's art-related production opens this weekend. The show, written by Steve Martin, is about Picasso and Einstein and I believe the star is one of my previous Design students. In my limited experience, Warehouse Theater does a great job. The show continues through May 18, so I'm hoping to fit it in sometime or another.

Tour of Artists' Homes & Studios
That rounds out a busy week of events, though my mind is focused on the upcoming Tour of Artist Homes and Studios on May 18. My home and studio are featured on the tour. Tomorrow, Spring Holiday for YVCC will be my studio and house cleaning day as I try to get the place ready for visitors. 

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