Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Texas National and other Exhibitions

I just found out that I was accepted into another show, this time in Texas. The Texas National 2013 Exhibition will be held at the Cole Art Center in Nacogdoches, Texas. The show is put on by the Stephen F. Austen State University School of Art.

The Juror this year is Peter Selz. According to the Texas National press release, Selz is "...past curator at MoMA and founding director, University Art Museum at Berkeley; renowned art historian who curated shows on Giacometti, Graves and Rothko, has written for many art publications, recipient of numerous awards, and author of The Art of Engagement..."

"Taka Kozonaka" for the Texas National Exhibition

I actually entered the show because of the juror. I have made an effort this year to enter more national shows. Call For makes it easy to apply to a bunch of shows at once, so I got myself organized, uploaded a bunch of images to their site and started applying. Over the holiday break, I basically applied to everything that seems reasonable, but this show I believe I chose for the name of the juror. He is a big name, but he also was curating important shows at an interesting time. I read a little about him after I was accepted into the show. He seems to be a fan of good art as opposed to trendy art and it is interesting to see him talk about Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art.

"SRAM Gears" for The CVG Show

The interview I link to above includes a portrait of Peter Selz, titled "Portrait of Peter Selz." Interestingly, the Texas National press release also includes this image, but it is labeled differently. On the Texas site, it is called "Portrait of the artist" and in that context I thought it might be a portrait of Phong Bui, the artist who drew the image. When I initially looked at the image I guessed it was Selz, but the title, next to a description of an art historian, confused me.

"Ooishi Pod" for Women's Works
My strategy of applying to a bunch of shows this year seems to have been pretty successful. I applied to  seven shows, I was invited to show work at four and one is still in review. In the Fall I had work in the Mighty Tieton 10x10x10 show (I just went back to look at my posts and discovered I wrote but never published a review of the show), which I would have entered anyway and which motivated me to start applying for a batch of shows on Call For Entry. I also have work that should be on its way home soon from The CVG Show in Bremerton and I have work that I just sent to Illinois for Women's Works.

"Aka Marumado" for Tieton 10x10x10
The Texas National Exhibition runs April 13 through June 8, 2013 for any of of my readers who plan to be near Nacogdoches this spring and summer. "Taka Kozonaka," the piece I will be sending to this show, was one of the very few non-bike-parts pieces I finished this summer while I was working on my bike parts project.

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