Saturday, October 8, 2011

Business Cards

After some helpful suggestions, I've altered my business card designs. I also added a "signature" stamp.
I am am planning to have a clay stamp made (for use mostly on my pottery). I've been working on several designs for the stamp but I haven't selected a design yet. I am considering putting the stamp on my card so that my business cards show my sculptural work but also reference the stamp (and functional work). Does the stamp clutter up the card too much?

The mixed version suggested by Laura (and Mom).

 The mixed version suggested by Laura (and Mom) with a stamp.
Mixed version with different stamp.

Sean liked this card, I've added the a stamp version in the corner.

 Sean's version with a different stamp.

I'm trying to design new business cards. I tend to fiddle with them quite a bit but I am trying to get them mostly done this weekend. Setting she short time limit will hopefully force me to just do them instead of fiddling with them constantly.

Here are some of the designs I came up with today. I'd appreciate any opinions on which ones I should go with. Which ones are easiest to read? Which is most memorable? Which best represents my work?

Blue arial font with shadow, grey ground & blue sculpture

 white arial font with shadow, grey ground & blue sculpture

 black arial font, grey ground & blue sculpture

other font, grey gradation ground & red sculpture 

 other font, grey gradation ground & red/blue sculpture

 blue ariel font, transparent pod background

other font, transparent pod background

Any other suggestions? Should I start over? Did I spell my name wrong?

Thank for your suggestions!


  1. 3rd one with the font from the 4th. I know, I have to be difficult, right? I like the last one too.

  2. I like number 3. Mixed version with different stamp.

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