Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pre-School clay project (after firing)

The pre-school clay projects finished firing last weekend and I was able to get them back to the kids on Monday.

I was fortunate to leave work early so that I could bring the pieces to the kids during pre-school and before most of the kids had left for the day. The kids were sitting in circle when I arrived with the box and their teacher handed out the projects, showing off the finished pieces.

The night before my daughter helped me put ribbons or raffia through the holes in the top so we could hand the name plates.

I decided to spray a gloss overglaze to all of the plates before firing because I guessed the kids would appreciate the shiny surface. The dark underglazes became quite dark after firing but they look better in person than in my photos, since I didn't spend much time messing with lighting and glare.

These pieces have a spray of gloss glaze over the top and are ready to be loaded into the kiln. Texture details show up better when you can't see the underglaze. 

Regardless, the project was fun and would be fun to do again with students. It would be interesting to see how older students would do with a similar project or even how these same students would do with a second project. 

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