Saturday, April 15, 2017

Yakima Celebrates International Sculpture Day

Join me at Yakima Maker Space and The Seasons Performance Hall on Monday, April 24 for International Sculpture Day.

Last year, I learned that rules are apparently optional for artists, so this year, after the organizers created and printed their fliers for the event, I decided to change my title. So, join me at the Seasons at 5pm for my talk "Evolution of the Bulb." Where I talk about my wall installation at Yakima Maker Space, my sculpture, and my fascination with the "bulb" form that shows up in both.

"bulbs" on the wall

Attendees at the International Sculpture Day events will get to see the early iterations of my sculptural and installation forms, including raku fired work from 2002 and the tactile sensation that was my wall installation in 2005 (it was so enticing, it had to be moved so that people would stop touching it). Also on view during my talk: the gradual improvement of my ability to operate a camera from 2002 to 2016.

work that *might* be finished this summer?

My talk is only 10 minutes long, so be there or miss out on all the fun times. If you can swing it, join Carolyn Nelson for an exclusive walking tour of downtown Yakima sculpture and public art starting at North Town Coffeehouse at 4pm. The tour will end at The Seasons in time for the artist talks.

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