Sunday, March 5, 2017

First Place at The Beauty of Clay

The Beauty of Clay exhibition opened Friday at Columbia Center for the Arts. I decided not to drive down for the opening (I'd had some car trouble last weekend when I drove down and Friday afternoon I ran my annual kid's clay activity for 70 second-graders at a local elementary, so driving 4 hours that evening sounded doubly exhausting).

Cephalotus Prosthesia (first place)

However, Saturday I had an e-mail from the gallery letting me know I'd been awarded First prize and that I'd sold another work.

Pedal/Petal (sold)

The show runs through April 2, 2017. I plan to get down to see the show on my way to or from the NCECA clay conference in Portland, which is happening March 22-26, and coincides with YVC's spring break.

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  1. That's AWESOME, Rachel! Congratulations!! Whoot! Whoot!


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