Saturday, November 5, 2016

Art Exhibition Receptions TODAY & next week


The Central Washington Artists' Exhibition opens at Larson Gallery from 3-5pm today. I have four works in the exhibition and according to the call I received yesterday, I will win an award for one of them.

functional work at Larson Gallery's CWAE

The Central Washington Artists' Exhibition runs today through December 3. The reception usually has good food, so I hope to see you there. Larson Gallery is on the YVC campus on the corner of Nob Hill Boulevard and 16th Avenue.

sculpture at Larson Gallery's CWAE

Oak Hollow's holiday show opens next week with a reception Saturday, November 12 from noon until 4pm today. Oak Hollow Gallery is in the Chalet Place Mall at 5631 Summitview Ave. The gallery is up the little hill from Starbucks, a couple of doors over from Wray's.

I have functional work in the Oak Hollow Gallery for the holidays. I just brought new work in last week, so if you've been to the gallery in the last year, this is new stuff. Prices are low, lots of artists, stock up for holiday gifts or those November/December birthdays.

Bowls from this summer, at Oak Hollow's Art for the Holidays show.

And if you meant to buy or see the work at the Boxx Gallery last month, you're in luck because I brought the pieces that didn't sell in Tieton to Oak Hollow. (Also opening today, John Barany's show at Boxx Gallery in Tieton.)

More functional work from this summer, at Oak Hollow.

And if you were hoping to buy work that has been at Oak Hollow for a few months, call or e-mail and you can buy direct from the artist.

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