Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Functional Work from Last Week

Last week I threw some functional work in the studio on my newly repaired stool.

pitchers and mugs

I made some pitchers for a commission and some mugs because I had lumps of clay too small for pitchers and I was going to pull handles anyway. If I'm going to throw or pull handles, I'd rather make a bunch at once; it feels more efficient.


I made some lidded pieces because I might want to have a set with a spoon. Also I'm annoyed that I fired the last batch with their lids off and I want to do it right this time.

lidded containers with holes for spoons

I threw some funny knob n'all pieces and ended up hand-building a wiggly rim as decoration for these funny lids. I ended the day with two extra decent handles, so I hand-built a couple of simple mugs for the handles. I also made some new spoons and then stuck them in the kiln before I took a picture.

wiggly lidded pieces

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