Tuesday, July 12, 2016

First Summer 2016 Sculpture(s) in Progress (3 of 3)

top of this third sculpture (a similar form to those on the most recent large piece)

I was working on three sculptures for the last week and a half. I wrote about the others last week. The third "first" piece is smaller and simpler in form now, though I plan to attach some more non-ceramic elements once it is colored, glazed, and fired.

working on texture and sprigs

I didn't alter the form much from how it was thrown, though I added sprigs and texture. The piece consists of two ceramic forms now, though there will be some ceramic pieces added later that haven't been built yet.

bike part additions temporarily in place (and lighting fail)

To be honest, this piece got less of my attention last week. I got a little distracted when I was reminded that I agreed to make a piece for a show at the Fourth Street Theatre at the Capitol Theatre. I have spent this week under-glazing for the metal themed piece that I plan to make for the Art on the Wall exhibition.

my barely-started "metal" piece for Art on the Wall

I will get back to the small sculpture after this other piece is farther along or while parts are in the kiln this week. 
first small sculpture of the summer--incomplete

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