Monday, December 21, 2015

Cone 6 Celadon Mugs & Teabag Holders

new work just unloaded from the kiln
I fired some mugs to cone 6. I used mostly two celadon glazes and slip trailing. The results are pretty good where I avoided the non-celadon glazes.

two split rim mugs

I made a couple of mugs this summer with a sort of split rim that makes it look like there's one mug inside another one. I saw something similar in a show in Illinois when I was in the midwest for the Milwaukee NCECA in 2014. I hadn't looked at the cup since 2014, but I was able to quickly pretty quickly retrieve the image I took at the show. The artist's name is Lee Rexrode.

Lee Rexrode cups with split rims.
I just did a couple of these split rim cups. The other shapes vary based on what else I was trying out this summer. I'm happiest with the mugs with green interiors and colored slip trail "drips", but I think I could have mixed the green celadon with the colored slip trailed drips.

mugs with celadons

The newly built pieces from last week are the little tea bag holders. I made five to hang off the side of the mugs and, with my daughter's help, I made quite a few small bowls that simply sit on the table. 

mugs with tea bag holders

The hanging bowls are a bit of a mix-match because I was trying out the new glazes, new shapes, and thinking of my nephew in coming up with some of the designs. My work generally features fewer trucks than this batch of work does.

tea bag holders on their sides

A few of the pieces I glazed were neither handled mugs nor newly made tiny bowls. I had one thrown bowl with purple underglazes under the celadon, and a few handleless mugs or vases. During one throwing session this past summer I sliced the surface of a couple of pieces and then continued throwing to expand the cuts. These I highlighted with blue underglaze and it looks pretty decent with the celadons.

sliced surface mugs

As a result of the dual influence of the holiday and the kids, I made a couple of Christmas tree shakers (with tiny balls inside to make noise). The noisemakers got stuck inside the big one, but my daughter has claimed that one anyway.

tiny Christmas trees

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