Thursday, July 2, 2015

Throwing for Cone 6

These are the pieces I threw this week with the cone 6 clay to prepare for my workshop at Archie Bray. I threw mostly simple forms, bowls and mugs, but I also tried a few donuts and turned one into a teapot.

I tried a variety of mug shapes because I've been thinking a lot about different mug shapes lately and wanted to have a bunch to compare.

mugs with handles drying slowly under plastic

mug shaped with ribs 
I used the same sgraffito technique on one of the bowls that I used on a box I made last week, but I had the fan on full blast in the studio (since its over 100 degrees outside) and the bowl dried too fast.

I only had one box of clay to work with. I pulled some handles, then threw with the rest of the clay. The result was not enough handles compared to how many mug shapes I threw. I decided to make some of my mugs into tea bowls.

For fun, I threw a couple of donuts. Several of my students were on a donut teapot kick at the end of the quarter and since I've never actually made a donut teapot, I thought I'd made one.

a little wonky, but not terrible for a rushed first time

I ruined my spout for the second donut, so I decided to make a donut vase with the second one. It's not much good for holding water, but it holds this gold rose pretty well.

functional for one very specific purpose

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  1. I love the donut vase, it’s very clever. I used to make them into hanging plant holders but never thought of making that form into a vase.


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