Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wall Installation at Mechanical Botanicals

I spent the weekend in Seattle for my show at CORE Gallery. Mechanical Botanicals will be open through the end of the month. 

"Ericano Diversia"

The reception on Thursday evening for the Pioneer Square art walk was much more fun than I expected. It was raining mod of the evening, but there still was pretty steady traffic into the gallery. I didn't really stop having conversations with visitors until after 8pm. 

a view of most of my work in the gallery (and one Mark Callen painting)

Of all the people to come in, only one single guy was unpleasant. Everyone else was nice and complementary and interesting to talk to.

I didn't sell anything, though I might have if I had priced my gridded wall installation as 100 individual pieces. A few people told me my prices, were too low, but when it's followed up with no sales, I'm not sure I can believe that market wisdom.

wall installation detail view

I had to be in Seattle on Saturday to watch the gallery and I didn't feel comfortable driving back over the pass that night, so I cancelled Friday's class and visited a number of galleries and art museums in the area on Friday. 

The Jason Walker exhibition at Bellevue Arts Museum was quite good, as was the Anne Drew Potter lecture at Pottery Northwest on Friday evening. I also got to meet Tip Toland which was pretty cool.

It rained most of the weekend so I was lonely in the gallery on Saturday afternoon. I took lots of pictures of my work and sketched some plans for next year's show. Late Friday evening it occurred to me that I'll probably have to fill the space again next year.

This year's show had 11 sculptures and two wall installations that I made over a year and a half including my sabbatical time and two summers. Next year's show will have to consist of mostly new work and somehow I'll have to make it in one year with no sabbatical time. Time to start building.

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