Saturday, January 17, 2015

Tape Resist Plate

Over the holiday break I glazed some plates I had thrown the week before. I used my tape resist method. I sprayed on mostly one glaze, camel, I think with the tape resist lines in place. 

glaze sprayed on tape resist

 Then I peeled off the tape and sprayed on clear glaze to coat the white spaces.

clear glaze sprayed after tape was removed

On one plate I dripped another color of glaze while the tape was in place. I use a dripping method a lot in the studio at YVCC to mix colors.

drips of a second color of glaze

I gave a couple of the plates as gifts and, like with the small pots, didn't take good pictures because I was sick. I also have one left to fire, since I ran out of room in my small kiln. 

glazed work after firing (gifts)

The rest turned out fairly well. The one with the drip has a tiny bit of kiln wash or something on the top. I'll have to try to load next time when I'm feeling better so I can be more careful.

the dripped plate with the kiln wash mistake

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