Monday, December 29, 2014

Mugs Out of the Kiln

I pulled some glazed mugs out of the kiln the other day. I taped them with two kinds of tape resist during the holiday break. I glazed them with mostly two colors of low temperature glaze and clear glaze over the tape resist lines. 

The resist results are better on the pieces on which I used the better tape, something I knew before I fired the pieces. The glaze results are better on the pieces where I used just one glaze and the clear over the top after I removed the tape.

On several others, I sprayed a second colored glaze over the top after the tape was removed. These pieces are less bold, though they have some more subtle color variation.

After these pieces came out, I glazed some plates I had thrown during the break. I used mostly one colored glaze and the clear over the top to replicate the results with more contrast.

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