Saturday, November 22, 2014

CORE Gallery & Sabbatical Presentation

It has been a busy week. Last weekend I had a meeting at CORE Gallery, where I will be a member starting in January. CORE is a non-profit gallery for mid career artists located near Pioneer Square in Seattle.

CORE Gallery's November website

Our meeting last weekend was to introduce us to the gallery and get to meet the other 19 artists who will also be a part of the gallery. I am excited about becoming a member of the gallery and getting to know new artists and a new art community. I have enjoyed been a part of the Yakima art community for more than eight years, but it will be interesting to talk with different people about my art, particularly people who haven't been watching my progression. 

A sculpture from my sabbatical

In February I will have a solo show at CORE, featuring my sabbatical work (and this summer's work if I ever get any of it finished. The February show will open February 4th with a First Thursday Reception February 5 from 6pm-9pm. (Now all I need to do it finish work, make postcards, update my website, advertise my show, get myself to Seattle with all my work and pedestals and get the show installed.)
The wall installation I'm thinking of doing in Seattle

Speaking of daunting tasks, this week I also presented to the YVCC Board of Trustees on my sabbatical and a trip I took to Milwaukee for the NCECA Conference. I heard later that the presentation was received well by at least some, but it was one of about 300 presentations that afternoon and I was asked to stop a little before I got to the end of my images. I think I was asked to stop early because there was quite a lot scheduled. Regardless, I think it went well, but I also found it fairly stressful. Strange, how talking in front of a group of 35 students every day can be perfectly normal, but presenting in front of 7 officials can be completely exhausting.

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